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27 Tips for Banishing The Blues

A multimedia tragi-parody of America’s happiness industry

A world premiere written by Charlotte Meehan
Directed by Kenneth Prestininzi
Scenic and projection design by Seaghan McKay

Join us for the world premiere of Charlotte Meehan’s 27 Tips for Banishing the Blues, and the second play of Meehan’s trilogy, “The Problem with People,” that turns the mess of American life upside down and inside out via cracked out satire designed to make you laugh until you cry and fall out of your seat.
27 Tips for Banishing The Blues is the funniest of the three plays, as it skewers the self-help industry for selling fake help to people in real pain. Starring Elle Borders, Alexander Castillo-Nunez, Mark Cohen*,
Stephanie Burlington Daniels, Alex Dhima, Margarita Martinez, Elise Morrison, Morgan Shattuck, Felix Teich, and R Bobby, Veronica Wiseman (*AEA)

August 30–31, September 4–6, and September 11–13, 2014.
All shows begin at 8:00 pm

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

$20 general, $10 for students, seniors & groups