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In The News

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Press Releases

Sleeping Weazel presents Cleanliness Godliness and Madness: A User’s Guide (September 2016)
Sleeping Weazel Presents In The Wake of the Graybow Riots by Lisa Schlesinger (June 2015)
Sleeping Weazel Presents Badass A Women’s History Month Festival (February 2015)
Sleeping Weazel Launches Third Season with World Premiere of 27 Tips for Banishing The Blues by Charlotte Meehan (July 2014)
Sleeping Weazel Announces Doubles, Demons, and Dreamers: a two-week theatre, drag/cabaret, solo suitcase performance extravaganza (April 2014)
Sleeping Weazel to unveil African American History and Its Expressions: a festival of plays, dolls, and oral history (January 2014)
Sleeping Weazel Launches Season 2 with Hilarious and Profound The Madness of Small Worlds (September 2013)
Sleeping Weazel Concludes First Season with World Premiere of Real Realism by Charlotte Meehan on May 30th-June 8th (May 2013)
Sleeping Weazel Announces Women In Action: a new wave of art, theatre, music, and performance (February 2013)
Sleeping Weazel Announces Soulographie and Beyond (October 2012)
Sleeping Weazel Announces Women and Manners: are we done yet? (September 2012)
Sleeping Weazel Announces Pin To Dry Theatre Event (May 2012)
Sleeping Weazel Announces An Evening of Mixed-Genre Performance Works (March 2012)
New Theatre and Multimedia Company Launches in Boston; Features Sculptor Erwin Wurm (January 2012)